Nous vous proposons simplement une meilleure façon de gérer vos transactions.

Vous avez le vrai contrôle.
Avec BrokrBindr, vos données vous appartiennent. Pas à peu près!

Want To Grow Your Business?

Check your user agreement. If you are using the software tools provided by your banner, you very likely signed an agreement in which you surrender your ownership of your client data.  Is that what you want? Break free with BrokrBindr.

How many steps, beginning to end, does a mortgage application go through? Six? Sixteen? With BrokrBindr, you decide what works best for your business, and for your clients. Add, modify, reorder the steps you choose anytime, and share that methodology with everyone on your team. Then… see at glance exactly where each deal sits.

BrokrBindr is a great value if you use merely as an alternative front-end to Filogix. No time-outs, easy to navigate, and the data is safely secured in an account you control (consistent with the consent given to you by each of your clients). You will continue to use Filogix to run your credit-pulls, and to submit completed applications to lenders, and BrokrBindr will make every step easier, faster and more consistently reliable.

Preparing emails to request condition documents is probably taking you twenty minutes. Cut that to twenty seconds when you select a personalized, branded email template and which auto-generates the list of condition documents for you. Provide the personal touch. Impress clients with your professionalism. Do it way faster!

You know from experience what condition documents will be required from your lenders for any given transaction. Generate that list from templates you create in under 30 seconds!

You have worked hard to gather your client’s information, and they are trusting you explicitly to safeguard that information. It is to be shared only with appropriate partners, in appropriate ways.  BrokrBindr provides you with all the tools you need, out of the box, to assure secure transmission of confidential information only to those parties to whom you direct it. All information kept in BrokrBindr is securely encrypted and stored at our data centers in Canada (for Canadian clients) or the USA (for American clients).

Think about your Monday mornings… if you’re like most of your peers, you begin by struggling to remember what you were doing on Friday afternoon, and likely looking for the answers in your email inbox. Wouldn’t it be better if, for every current transaction, you knew exactly where you at, and exactly what each transaction needed next? With BrokrBindr, you always know what to do next.

We Offer Full Training!
You Can Be Up And Running In Days, If Not Hours!

We Are The Better Way To…
  • Send invitations to prospects in three clicks
  • Manage your clients in a way that they dream about
  • Collect, review, approve and transmit documents quickly and securely
  • Manage applications at a glance… always know what to do next!
  • Submit applications to Filogix / Expert electronically (no retyping!)

Customer Support You Can Count On! Every Time!

A Highly Secure Platform In Which Mortgage Brokers And Agents Get Mortgage Deals Done, Documented And Paid Out.

Successful mortgage brokers today need:

  • a great team
  • multiple sources for well-qualified leads
  • reliable systems using repeatable processes


BrokrBindr is the cornerstone of your systems and processes strategy.
Everything deal-related is in one secure spot! Always know what to do next.
Now you can focus more fully on your teams and leads!